1, there should be plenty of sleep.
Security companies in the grass-roots units, there are many security guards on the night shift, the day did not rest well, the night will not be difficult at work. If such a state is on duty, if seen by the customer leader, the customer will assume that his personal and property safety can not be effectively guaranteed, which will bring a loss of reputation to the company, and even give a discount to the security service quality. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that there is plenty of sleep time for the members of the night shift.
2. Be in the outside.
The security company security officer if the night just sitting in the room, can observe the sight range is very small, probably in a moment you don't notice, criminals will be able to climb over from the visual angle. So when you go to the night shift, it's better to be outside, where you can broaden your horizons.
3. Serious patrols.

Most of the customers in the security company have special parts of the generator and finance room, which require special care, and many of the teams have patrols. In this way, the most afraid of the players in the patrol sign in, the plan to save, once a night need to sign all the sign, so that no one at night to see. The implementation of the system depends on a conscientious and responsible attitude, which is an important part of the night work.
In the night shift, it is necessary to patrol, sign in and observe more and avoid the intersecting battle between the thieves and you. Strengthen the prevention efforts to ensure the safety of the customer's life and property. While ensuring the safety of people's personal property, they should also learn how to protect their own safety. As a security guard, the first thing to know how to protect his own security can better protect the safety of the life and property of the customer.
Night is the high incidence of cases, New Year approaching, good night is very important for every security guards. We should correct the mentality, see the light and heavy things, a good night shift is a professional responsibility, more responsible for the safety of the life and property of others.