If a fire, electrical appliances, turn off the main switch, water or fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire, but the TV, computer is the exception of fire, the power supply has not been cut off, do not pour water into the electrical appliances or open. If the electrical appliances or the plug is still on fire, do not use hand touch switch electrical appliances.

Two, if the clothes are on fire, do not let the injured be flurried, because the random walk makes the fire stronger, the wounded lie down, and the flame extends to the head. Water or other non flammable liquid flames. Another method is the coat, window cloth, blanket (non artificial fibres) or thick clothes wrapped around the injured person, then the exercise do not lie down, nylon or synthetic fiber cloth to save the injured body, do not turn on the ground, or perhaps expand the burn area, and according to the degree of burn care for injured.
Three, if the smell of burning smell, need to wake up all the people in the house, if the fire is too strong, call everyone out of the house. If suspect opens the door room fire, do not open the door to view, when escapes the fire field, opens all doors conveniently, prevents the fire spread and the smog disperses, calls near the fire field, saves the train to arrive at the scene saves, does not return to the fire field.
Four, if you are trapped on the high side, run to the room facing the street, close the door, use the sheets and clothes to jam the door, open the window and call for help, not to the most critical point, do not jump from the window.
Five, if the TV or computer is on fire, pull out the plug of the TV or computer, or turn off the main switch, and use the blanket, carpet and carpet to extinguish the flame. Do not use water or fire extinguishing device, because there may be residual electricity in the body, causing electric shock.
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