The security service industry is a special industry for providing security services for the society. It is related to the peace and peace of our families and the harmony and stability of our society. Have a deep understanding of the current our country faces the major social contradictions, to establish a correct concept of development, adhere to our social benefits as the first, the service economy and social development, and maintain social order to assist us in the first place, take the initiative to assume more social responsibility, to achieve the unity of economic benefits and social benefits the.
Two we should earnestly safeguard the interests of the people. The responsibility of the security guards is to ensure the safety of the people, and the interests of the people are first of all the interests of the security companies. It is necessary to educate the security guards to fight against illegal and criminal acts that violate the interests of the masses and harm public security.

We should give full play to the social security staff contact information channels wide, many advantages, they actively participate in the organization to resolve social conflicts, social security patrols, public order maintenance, to prevent crime and other work, trying to make the team become the party and government in the new situation to strengthen social management, to maintain harmony and stability, maintain fairness and justice can be a on the important strength.
Three we should standardize the management according to law. We should thoroughly implement the regulations on the administration of security services, adhere to the law, supervise and manage according to law, foster a unified, open, competitive and orderly security market, and establish a sound market access and qualification system for security market. The security company should improve the corporate governance structure, strengthen the internal management, strictly guard the examination and recruitment of security guards, strengthen the supervision and inspection of the security officers' performance duties, and constantly improve their standardization and professionalization level.
Four, we should strengthen the construction of the security team. Security guards are the main body of the security service industry. To a great extent, the quality of this team determines the status image of the security service industry in the society. We must strictly enforce the word, strengthen the political learning, business training and work style training of security guards, and strive to build a strong security team with excellent quality, good image, service standards and people's satisfaction.