(一) 必須在法令許可的規模內處置正當的職業和買賣,具有能夠付出私家保鏢人為的才能。
(1) it is necessary to engage in legal profession and business within the scope of the law, and have the ability to pay private bodyguards.
(二) 必須奉告雇傭保鏢的真正緣由,明白的指出須要掩護的人數、春秋、性別、社會身份。
(two) the real reason for the employment of the bodyguard must be informed, and the number of people, age, sex and social identity that need to be protected is clearly pointed out.
(三) 必須奉告保鏢的危險,若是危險超越了本公司的掩護規模,本公司有權力謝絕承接此使命。
(three) the risk of the bodyguard must be informed. If the risk exceeds the scope of the company's protection, the company has the right to refuse to undertake this task.
(四) 不能夠有欺侮、嘲諷等對保鏢職員品德、莊嚴倒霉的言行。
(four) there should be no insult, irony, and other words and deeds against the personality and dignity of the bodyguard.
(五) 本公司只處置專業掩護使命,保鏢職員有權謝絕能夠影響到掩護使命的其余事件。

(five) the company is only engaged in professional protection, and the bodyguard personnel have the right to refuse other matters that may affect the protection of the work.
(六) 公司與客戶之間屬于協作干系,并非附屬干系。區分于馬仔或打手等。
(six) the relationship between the company and the customer is a cooperative relationship, not a subordinate relationship. Different from the cowboys or thugs.
(七) 客戶請求的事件如冒犯地點國度法令,保鏢有權謝絕并停止使命。
(seven) the bodyguard has the right to refuse and terminate the work if the customer requests a transaction that offends the country's law.
(八) 必須信任保鏢的專業才能和職業品德,客戶有義務共同保鏢的寧靜使命。
(eight) it is necessary to believe in the professional and professional ethics of the bodyguard, and the customer is obliged to cooperate with the security of the bodyguard.
(九) 外洋保鏢使命如需照顧槍枝必須由客戶請求操持相干的持槍手續。
(nine) the foreign bodyguard task must be carried out by the customer for the relevant gun handling procedures if the gun is required to carry a firearm.
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