One: the camera. Cameras are now a common and very useful tool, and many units have installed cameras for security. The camera consists of a layer of psychological security important people, such as automatic teller machine general security camera, so it is natural to play a deterrent role, avoid the occurrence of many crimes. So security companies also need to pay attention to the use of cameras. Not only that, it can also play a role in forensics, once a dispute can be timely access to evidence, find out the truth.

Two: electric baton. The use of electric batons is very necessary, this is because for some criminals, bare-handed fight are often inadequate, difficult to play the role of deterrence. But in view of the needs of national security management, guns are not allowed to be used by security companies. In this case, the electric baton is a very useful deterrent. Its wear not only let the security company employees look at the prestige, more effectively protect the security of security personnel, and can be very good to uniform the criminals.
Three: Anti - Wolf spray. The anti - Wolf spray is also a better safeguard for security companies. This is because it can not only punish the criminals, but also effectively avoid the occurrence of excessive defense. Although the criminals are abominable, the security guards are also limited in their punishment. Once the defense is over, it will be a great trouble for people to be seriously injured or even die. So in this respect, the anti wolf spray is undoubtedly a good device.
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