1. Security service safety
Security service states that security is the first demand for property management services and the first demand for security services. Property Management Company should establish a positive defensive attitude, constantly improve the ability of their own security, cooperate with public security departments and local governments to improve public security and fire control work, efforts to make the residents have a safe working and living environment.
Two. Security service should be ordered in order
In the property area, they need not only the equipment operating property order, also need to exchange traffic flow, orderly. In the event of a sudden incident, the security personnel are more busy and not messy, timely and orderly, and timely and properly handled. Working and living environment will be the safe and orderly bring a feeling of comfort to households.

The security service of property management is a deterrent to theft, and destroyer an obstacle, but the industry and the public should be full of affection. The Property Management Company's security personnel should cherish households and households like house property, provide services for the residents of households have made better than distant neighbors feel.
Four. Image
The security service is the first impression of the property, the property security services, security staff, neat excellent security personnel can improve the quality of the property, the residents have a sense of security. Moreover, the security service image belt can increase the impact of property in the public, make the property value and increase, and make the Property Management Company get a good reputation.
Security appearance standard
Five. The standard of guard service
1. security personnel on duty at the gate, neighborhood patrol, building inspection, military training and participate in such awards ceremony and other important meetings, must be required to wear a company uniform standard security clothing, wearing hats, tie, wearing white gloves, wearing black leather shoes, wearing badges, badges etc..
2. uniforms must be neat, clean, stiff collar and cuffs; washing; wear a shirt to hem tucked in the waistband, cuffs and trousers may not be rolled up; in order to maintain correct Cap badges, badges badges; don't pocket at the left chest, left on the middle; are not allowed to wear sandals or slippers barefoot Li Gang, patrol.
3. security personnel wearing uniforms to keep clean and tidy, bag buckle, collar, cuff link must buckle. Wear a coat on the shoulder, wear a white shirt in the spring and autumn suit and tie a tie. Keep good discipline, no uniforms, casual wear mix or wear uniforms from the security zone.
4. inner coat pocket not too much things, such as cigarettes, lighters and matches are not allowed to hang keys and other accessories; waist belt; wear epaulettes jacket or shirt to wear badges are.
5. hats to wear straight, worn on the waist belt right rear walkie talkie headset, plug in the microphone in the left ear, don't shirt collar. In addition to the need for work, not wearing tainted glasses.
6. security personnel patrol to walk upright, steady pace, arms swing naturally, not dangling; bicycle patrol, eyes looking ahead, both, but don't Xiche play, or random walk in public areas.
7. hours to stand in the specified position, position to be correct, no slouch, like to lean like. It is not allowed to stand by the post or the corner of the wall or the tree.
8. standing like cross, left foot left out, legs and shoulder from the upper body, stood at attention, the body center of gravity on between the legs; the chest and abdomen, hands back to the belt at the left hand, right hand, right hand fingers together and natural bent, palms backward.
9. when at attention hands fingers, natural hands, fingers attached to the pants seam in the middle can not be together, hands in his pockets or pocket.
10. listen to others speak, eyes should look in the eye, should pay attention to what someone is saying, do not look at the right, absent-minded.
11. whether to walk or patrol guard guard, are full of spirit, upright posture, behavior norms, not arm in arm, playing, no smoking, no burnout performance.