1. 鋁合金型材接納特別加厚加寬設想,制品組裝并且全數接納不銹鋼緊固件緊固,門扇角部接納加厚鋁合金槽形角碼毗連,毗連處接納高頻氬弧鋁焊接,使布局毗連更安穩、抗打擊,不易變形,利用壽命更久長。
Special upset widen design uses 1. Aluminum Alloy profiles, product assembly and all stainless steel fasteners, door corner with thick Aluminum Alloy groove angle connection, the connection with high frequency argon arc welding of aluminum, make the structure more secure connection, impact resistance, not easy to deformation, long life.
2. 門框增添密封槽,門扇邊縫加裝密封毛條,從而起到防風、防塵、防隔音,密封結果更好。
The 2. door frame increases the sealing groove, and the edge seam of the door fan is added with sealing wool to prevent wind, dust and sound insulation, and the sealing effect is better.
3. 玻璃接納鋼化玻璃,強度更高、更寧靜。
3. glass is made of toughened glass, and its strength is higher and safer.
4. 加裝閉門器和轉動軸承式合頁,使門扇可以或許輕松自若主動開啟且無任何雜音和碰撞
4. with a closed door and rolling bearing, so that the door fan can be opened easily and automatically without any noise and collision.
5. 此門線條簡練流利、外型時髦文雅、奪目大氣,是古代商用門的更新換代。
5. the simple and smooth lines, elegant fashion and eye - catching atmosphere are the first choice for modern commercial doors.

Economic development trend: China economic development speed is accelerating, the development of any industry to a certain level there are split, the so-called "finishing", focusing on a certain point, the depth of the industry entry, open up a new way, Kendl Ki Men industry is nothing more than that.
The trend of industry development: Kendl Ki Men's same processing technology and style and characteristics lead to serious problem of homogenization of KFC products, which is a common problem of all KFC business operators. No one can deny it. But how to break this homogeneity and realize the characteristics of this product, Kentucky gate enterprises are actively exploring their own solutions.