1, resolutely obey the leadership, conscientiously comprehend and carry out the company's management strategy and instruction spirit, and carry out the maintenance of the company's interests first in the actual job.
2, conscientiously treat and resolutely complete the various tasks assigned by the Department, actively assist the supervisor to do a good job in the daily work of the group, and make suggestions for the construction of the group.

3, the work is not afraid of suffering, the courage to pick up the heavy burden, the initiative to do things, do "eye attendance, mouth attendance, diligence, leg diligence", actively adapt to all kinds of hard environment, in the heavy work to sharpen their own will, increase their talents, and the courage to discover and correct their own work shortcomings, mistakes, and constantly adjust their own The way of thinking and working methods put forward higher learning and working goals at different stages, and constantly pursue greater progress.
4, strengthen learning, practice bravely, accumulate continuously and develop bravely. At the same time, we should pay attention to study methods, correct learning attitude, improve learning efficiency, try to cultivate a solid theoretical foundation, correct ideas, practical work style, thoughtful organizational ability, resourceful analytical ability, courageous ability, and extensive social ability. We should consult with the department heads and learn from them, draw on their successful experience, and constantly urge themselves to learn their own directions and goals.
5, adhere to the "prevention and prevention of the combination of prevention and treatment" fire policy, improve fire equipment inspection and maintenance measures, and strengthen the training of fire protection knowledge, improve the awareness of fire protection, control the operation of fire equipment, to ensure safety.
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