The evidence of the other's money, this is the core, report your bribery, illegal behavior, you have to take out the evidence, not to say you want to seize the amount of money to do the corresponding evidence, the report as long as you set up real, the prosecution of the specific examination of this behavior, as long as you can prove the existence of the other.
Report its real name, now anonymously report, many places will not be accepted, you have no evidence, anonymous report, if it can not be found, you are also suspected of false accusations of the name, unless there is a malicious URL, if the policy understanding error, if the policy understanding error, the report false report does not investigate your relevant responsibility department will protect your privacy, guarantee Protect your safety, the report is real, reward.

In this way, it should not be a bribe or a bribe that belongs to the administrative cause, which belongs to the administrative problem, because other stations, the object is not a real one or a few people, the bribery phenomenon has established a personal account, and the disorderly charge belongs to the administrative problem, and can complain to the relevant administrative department.
Instead of going to the inspection office, if it is successful, it also causes the other party to leave, so please remember to tell the truth that if the other party is the interest of some officials and the police, it is a duty crime, to report to the supervisory authority, and remember, this is not a bribe and a bribe.
Definition: bribery for a particular purpose, such as property as a means, driving and related functions and powers are private transactions to meet the legitimate interests of both parties. Bribery is the power to take the initiative to bribe bribes. The illegal interests of both sides are illegal interests of the police.

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