Article 1. In order to standardize safety management activities, participate in security services and security officials of units, safety and property safety of aegis, and maintain social order, the Henan security company enacts these regulations.
Second the security services referred to in these Regulations:
(a)寧靜辦事公司根據保安辦事條約調派一位寧靜官員單元為客戶供給寧靜、巡查、保衛和護送,寧靜查抄,寧靜手藝提防、寧靜危險評價辦事; (2)國度構造、社會集體、企業奇跡單元雇用任務職員處置本單元門衛、巡查和寧靜掩護任務;
(a) the security service company dispatched a security officer unit to provide security, patrol, guard and escort, safety inspection, safety technology prevention and safety risk assessment service for the customer. (2) the state organs, social organizations, enterprises and institutions recruited staff to engage in the unit guards, patrols and safety protection. Work;
(3) property services companies employ workers in order, safety, patrols, maintenance and other services in the real estate sector.

The first item (2) of the preceding paragraph, (3), the first state organ, social organization, enterprise, institution and property service enterprise, shall jointly use safety devices.
Third the Public Security Department of the State Council is responsible for overseeing safety service activities. The public security organs of the local people's governments at or above the county level shall be responsible for supervising and handling the security service activities within their respective administrative areas. Under the guidance of the public security organs, the security service industry association carries out self-discipline activities in the security service industry according to law.
Fourth units of safety service and security personnel (hereinafter referred to as the security unit) should establish and improve the safety service processing system, post responsibility system and safety system, strengthen the safety of transmission, education and training, and improve the professional ethics, professional quality and responsibility of the safety level.
The 5 safety units of safety officials should be in accordance with social insurance, employment, wages, welfare, labor protection, education and training, and so on.
The sixth safety management activities shall be civilized and legal, and shall not damage the legitimate rights and interests of the public interest or infringement.
The safety management activities of officials should be protected by law.
Seventh public property and the safety of people's life and property, the prevention and suppression of the security units and security units, public security organs and other relevant departments should make outstanding contributions to give praise and reward.
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