Security services are increasingly trusted by customers: the public security organs have strengthened the arrangement and handling of self-reported cases, which are conducive to the further development of our company. However, there is no denying that with the development of the society and China's entry into WTO, the demand for security services is getting higher and higher. Now, from the level of management to the nature of service, there is still a great distance from the request of the society, so we must have a sober understanding that in the work, we must adhere to an outstanding mental state.
(一) 對峙精采的精力狀況,就要加強效力熟悉。"保一方安然"是保安功課生存和展開的性命線,是保安功課者的本分,我們必然要安身本職,愛崗敬業,豐富苦干,其實掩護客戶的寧靜,把客戶寧靜放在一位,其實把客戶的撐持不撐持、知足不知足、寧靜不寧靜作為權衡每一個人功課黑白的底子標準。
(1) to uphold an outstanding mental state, we must enhance our understanding of service. "Guarantee the safety of one party" is the lifeline of the security operation livelihood and development, is the responsibility of security operators, we must be based on their own duty, love work, hard work, and truly protect the safety of customers, the safety of customers in the first place, the real customer support does not support, meet unsatisfactory, safety and insecurity as a measure of each The basic yardstick of personal performance.
(二) 對峙精采的精力狀況,就要不時加強創新熟悉,幾年來,我們連系保安功課的任務和要求,成立了方針操持義務制,顛末ISO天下認證等,無力的增進了保安功課的深入展開。但是,在展開的進程中,新環境新題目不時呈現,我們必須有創新的熟悉,盡力探討展開新思緒,其實處置新題目,只需這么,保安功課本領不變展開。
(2) To adhere to an outstanding mental state, we must constantly enhance our awareness of innovation. In recent years, we have established a target handling responsibility system in combination with the missions and requests of security operations, which, after ISO world certification, has effectively promoted the deepening of security operations. However, in the process of development, new situations and new problems continue to emerge, we must have innovative understanding, and strive to explore new ideas to deal with new problems, as long as so, security operations can be carried out steadily.

(三) 對峙精采的精力狀況,就要加強爭創一流熟悉。在功課中,我們必然要對峙高標準、嚴要求,要直立和發揮"有就創,見就爭"的拼勁。我們對各條理的功課已提出了清楚的要求和標準,各部、隊、班、保安員根基上按要求當真安排,展開功課。但是,還存在功課上不行深入、外表化、粗心對付和茍且偷生的表象,影響了保安功課的展開。
(three) to uphold the outstanding mental state, we must enhance the awareness of striving for first class. In our homework, we must adhere to high standards, strict requests, to uphold and carry forward the "lead on the creation, see the lead on the competition" efforts. We have put forward clear requests and specifications for all levels of work. Departments, teams, classes and security guards are basically responsible for arranging and carrying out work as requested. However, there are still the appearance of not deepening, superficial, perfunctory and easy-going operations, affecting the development of security operations.
(四) 對峙精采的精力狀況,就要在履行高低時候。對峙精采的精力狀況,必然要在抓履行、務實效高低時候,決不能搞情勢主義,搞花架子,要成立說了算、定了干,大馬金刀、持續作戰的思惟。凡是公司抉擇打算的、安排的,就要想方設法抓履行,不能含迷糊糊,不能抓抓停停,要一抓究竟,抓出效果,其實把文件上寫的、集會上定的履行到實處。
(four) insisting on the outstanding mental state, it is necessary to carry out the upper and lower time. Insisting on the outstanding mental state, we must grasp the implementation and the actual effect for the next time. We must never engage in formalism and play a fancy role. We must establish a thinking that has the final say, the determination, the drastic and continuous fighting. But if the company decides to plan and arrange, it must do everything possible to implement, not vague, can not stop, to grasp to the end, grasp the results, and truly put the documents written in the meeting to the implementation.