First, in terms of dress, security guards should pay attention to several points: in addition to inappropriate or unnecessary dress, security uniforms must be worn during working hours and casual clothes should be worn when going out for personal reasons; security signs should be worn when wearing security uniforms; male security guards do not wear long hair, big hair and beard; female security guards do not wear braids; and female security guards do not dye their hair. Dye your nails, not heavy makeup and jewelry.
2. In terms of post discipline, security guards must abide by the rules and regulations within the property unit, and do not inquire, record or disseminate about the life of the owners at will; and do not use the owner's articles or accept gifts from the owners without permission.
Three, specifically, according to the different positions of property security, their professional etiquette requirements are also different.

1, doorman: arrive on duty on time, change post after handover, stick to the post without leaving post. Keep your personal appearance neat and clean. Attention should be paid to the entry and exit of the observation personnel, and should be asked promptly, but the tone should be polite.
2. Patrol: If it is found that the owners and users violate the relevant regulations of the state and the city, as well as the owners'temporary conventions and owners' conventions in the course of property use and decoration, they shall be politely dissuaded and stopped; if dissuasion and suppression are invalid, they shall report to the district manager in time.
3. Vehicle management: courteously persuade owners who violate the parking regulations and assist in rectification; timely notify owners if the doors and windows of vehicles are not closed, oil and water leaks are found; charge parking fees for vehicles in residential areas according to regulations or contract agreements, issue formal bills, and do not charge fees arbitrarily.