1. Establish the purpose of "Owner first, service first", treat the owners and tenants with a kind, courteous, patient and enthusiastic service attitude, prohibit unreasonable and indifferent attitude, even if foreign visits and inquiries should also be polite and polite answers, so that visitors feel at home.
2. Work should be done with due diligence and no haste. If the items handed over by tenants are within the scope of their duties, they should be sensitized.
Quick, considerate and appropriate. If it falls outside the scope of this duty and cannot be handled by oneself, it may report to the superior supervisor.
3. When on duty, they should concentrate on their duties and conscientiously complete their work.
4. Responsibility - due diligence. Whether it's regular service or normal management, we should strive for results and give people the impression of efficient, fast and good service. Strict implementation of the succession system, if there are any difficult problems, should be promptly reported to the leadership of the relevant departments, in order to achieve a satisfactory solution. In case of complaints from guests, we must listen patiently and try our best to solve problems for them.

5. Faithfulness - Faithfulness and honesty is the moral character of every security guard. Everything must be reported, every mistake must be corrected, and no false report should be made, and others should be falsely framed.
6. Efficiency - Providing efficient services and paying attention to the details of work. Urgent owners/households need to solve their problems in order to win the satisfaction of the public and the reputation of the Department.
7. Collaboration - Departments and employees should cooperate with each other, cooperate sincerely and not push each other away. They should work together to solve difficult problems and maintain the reputation and order of the community.
在保安公司里有一種團隊精力是:帶領支配的事物不必過量去說,他們大白帶領的企圖,他們可以或許去實現使命使命并且實現的很是完善。有一種兄弟叫做:您說吧、您安心、我來做、不必您管了交給我,他們樸拙,他們勤懇,他們不時進步本身,他們說:您便是咱們的焦點,您的使命便是我的使命。謹嚴中不失細節;嚴厲中不失熱忱。使命上的 才(使命營業程度高)、情(使命中的情面味)、趣(使命中的興趣)。作立場
In security companies, there is a team spirit: the leaders do not have to say too much about the arrangements, they understand the intentions of the leaders, they can complete the task and complete it perfectly. There is a brother called: you say, you can rest assured, I do, do not need your control to give me, they are sincere, they are diligent, they constantly improve themselves, they say: you are our core, your work is my work. Be careful without losing details; be serious without losing enthusiasm. Talent at work (high level of professional work), affection (human interest at work), interest (pleasure at work). Degree of expression