For a long time, in the security team, the security captain is undoubtedly a top soldier and a tail soldier. In addition to the routine methods of "leading the team, promoting the work, and ensuring safety", we also need to pay attention to some operational skills, which can enhance the cohesion of the team and enhance the personal non-power influence.
First, the most important thing is that when we communicate the requirements of our superiors, we should not follow the text.
Because the instructions from superiors are generally universal and not necessarily all suitable for the unit, whether attending meetings or receiving documents, the security squadron leader should carefully study their key contents, and combine with the actual situation of the unit, determine what needs to be conveyed and what can only be understood, and then convey them to the subordinates in a targeted manner, so as to avoid the confusion when the security guard understands the energies of the superiors.

2. Within the security service management squadron, democratic centralism should be implemented and "one speech" should not be practised.
When the squadron is on duty and ready for duty, it should pay attention to mobilizing the enthusiasm of the backbone of the squadron and the security guards. When confronted with more work discussions, we should think together and strive to do our best in one place. We should not only perform our duties, but also work together to really do a good job in the safety operation of the security client units.
3. In daily work, we should combine work with leisure and not engage in fatigue tactics.
The leader of the security service management squadron should take the rest time of the security guards into full consideration when arranging the duty readiness tasks, and try to make the security guards rest well so as to better serve the client units. Although most security guards work hard and forget themselves, as a squadron leader, they must start from the perspective of protecting comrades, pay attention to the subjective initiative of security guards, improve operational efficiency, arrange reasonably according to different jobs, and minimize the overtime of security guards, especially to avoid formalistic overtime.
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