1 shopping mall security personnel: shopping malls as a commercial center, gathered a lot of commercial resources, attracted a lot of customers, every day will have a very large passenger flow. At this time, security work is also very important, because it guarantees the safety of the lives of customers and property safety, plays a very important role.
Mall security personnel daily work is to check the mall merchants fire and security, so can the potential safety hazard is eliminated, at the mall in danger, security personnel also need to maintain order at the scene, in order to protect everyone to evacuate, to reduce casualties. At the same time, maintaining the stability of the environment around the mall order is also one of the security personnel work, the right to provide consumers with the best quality security services and shopping experience.

2 security personnel within the district: security personnel within the district work compared to the mall security personnel's workload is reduced when a certain amount of their work is mainly responsible for the area and staff daily vehicle registration and inspection, to ensure the safety of personnel and community.
Conduct regular patrols in the area within the district to maintain stability in the area, tenants need help or danger when the need for timely help, do their best to help residents solve problems.
3 office security personnel: Shanghai security company provides such security personnel work is to maintain the stability of the office and the surrounding environment order, timely investigation of various hidden dangers. The vehicles and personnel entering and leaving the office buildings should be registered in detail, so as to ensure the personal safety of the people entering and leaving the building. Good security personnel image and excellent moral quality will also improve people's evaluation of enterprises, and maintain the image of the relevant enterprises in the minds of customers.
I believe that after the introduction of this article, the security company in this regard will have their own understanding, and other issues in the future can also be a good solution.