First of all, the characteristics of professional bodyguard is full of risks, the task is arduous, the situation is more complex, so the responsibility is very important. The bodyguard to fight against crime, but also to cope with natural disasters and accidents, security incidents and security cases, while also protecting the employer and the employer's life and property safety. Especially in some important occasions, it is possible to encounter emergencies and various complicated and difficult problems at any time. Therefore, it is very difficult to do the job without the corresponding quality. The quality of bodyguards has a direct impact on the quality of service, and is related to the prestige of bodyguards and guards.

Security agencies abroad, also attach great importance to improve the quality of personnel training of their bodyguard, the bodyguard of a set of strict system requirements, brave, tenacious, rich team spirit of sacrifice, and even act as "human shields". When someone shoots at the escort, the player must use his own life to protect the safety of the object as the conditioned reflex.
Second, technical protection bodyguards practitioners, some enterprises at home and abroad information leaks, call is the actual case two eavesdropping, privacy exposure, car mounted explosives, we can imagine the importance of technology to prevent professional bodyguard employees have technology to prevent what is important!
A business owner or customer safety in no case with professional bodyguard personnel problems is normal, because the security awareness of ordinary people are very poor; but if there is a professional bodyguard personnel, and our professional bodyguard personnel because they do not have the skills and technology to prevent the customer losses or economic or property the safety is threatened, that is the question of our professional skill personnel of the bodyguard, this is not our customers see.
So whether customers drive out? Regardless of the guest Check Inn Hotel? Can range from technology or business meeting, as a professional bodyguard personnel how to use modern high-tech products to the customers at the lowest risk factor? First, we must have a comprehensive understanding of the performance of professional equipment; second, proficient in the operation; third, the most important point, is to rely on the rich experience and powerful security awareness of security.
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