First of all, security guards should know that the main fire prevention is the main, in the fire work must be personal fire, fire technology at the same time, in order to prevent. At the same time, but also know the types of fire burning material, usually can be divided into three types, namely combustible, combustibles, fire; combustible air is the chemical reaction of oxygen and other oxidizing agents; oxidizing agent of combustibles is able to produce oxidation reaction with fuel; ignition source is the supply of combustible or the fire caused by energy source.

Secondly, the security guards should have professional knowledge about fire fighting, there are many ways of fire, respectively, cooling, smothering, isolation, inhibition method; cooling method is to directly spray fire extinguishing agent on combustible; asphyxia method is to prevent air entering into the combustion area; the isolation method is to separate combustion and near combustible; inhibition method is it chemical extinguishing agent is injected into the combustion zone.


In addition, to know the content of fire inspection, the main inspection management and all staff of fire training, see if there is no hidden danger, fire system customization and implementation, fire equipment is complete, fire preparation work, fire technology implementation.

Finally, master the basic method of escape, must close the door to escape after crawling on the floor, attention must be paid to the smoke of carbon monoxide, you can use the gas mask or wet towel to cover your mouth and nose, of course, can also make life-saving rope, but be careful not to cannot but not to do so; the use of natural conditions, as life slide, do not take the elevator to escape, try to choose the evacuation stairs.