1, the instrument: to dress according to their regulations, certificates, full of spirit, good manners and generous attitude;; not just, uneven shoulder back pad; while working at the staff meeting to stand guard with.
2, human work requirements: obedience to leadership, obedience to command. The basic situation to master the control of regional owners, including name, characteristics and regular exchanges in social relations; to fill in various forms, accurate records; proficient in monitoring, alarm, intercom, elevator and other facilities, the operation process of the equipment; equipment accidents will discover hidden dangers and suspicious personnel, and timely treatment all kinds of emergencies.

3、辦事立場及請求:規矩待人,措辭和藹,淺笑辦事;自動、熱忱、耐煩、獲到為業主辦事;不準產生爭持、打架事務;掛號有用證件不跨越 30秒鐘;不公推呈現業主被盜、被搶事務;辦公場合表里必須堅持次序井然;接到業主報警,三分鐘必須赴到現場并判斷措置,大限制削減業主喪失。
3, service attitude and requirement: polite, soft spoken, smiling service; initiative, enthusiasm and patience, to receive service for owners; no quarrel, fight; registration of valid documents of not more than 30 seconds; not by the owners of stolen, robbed event; office inside and outside must be kept orderly; the owners received the alarm. Three minutes to go to the scene and must be decisive disposal, to minimize the loss.
4, image requirements: regular check and maintain a tidy; it is not difficult to keep long hair and a beard and long hair to nail, shall not be exposed to the brim, the brim issued shall not exceed 1.5 cm; spirits, good attitude, upright, not hunched forward later on, reel right and left, stretch; do not back, hands, hips or insert pocket, duty, no smoking, no smoking, do eat snacks, such as pine, sit like a bell, dynamic wind; allowed to hum, listen to the radio and newspapers, late.
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