Security companies need to be responsible for office staff such as hotel lobbies, bars, conference rooms, entertainment etc. these public places order maintenance work, need to enter these places and missing documents or undocumented personnel for inspection, after the assist total station asked out the situation, according to the actual situation to produce solutions. If the unlicensed personnel need Check Inn Hotel, then we need to fill in the form to the police station after checking the situation. After verification and approval, we can arrange accommodation for them.

The security office staff responsible for restaurant dining area and the public order, protect the dining staff and staff's personal safety and property security. Careful observation of the people in the dining area to prevent the occurrence of fighting, fighting, stealing and so on. In the presence of such a phenomenon, security personnel need to be stopped immediately to prevent the serious situation and affect the safety of other innocent people.
The hotel management company, security office staff need to ensure the resident customer's personal safety and property security, if necessary, the need for resident personnel record information, to ensure that the resident customer no criminal record and intention, which is to protect the safety of the residents at nine o'clock.
The security company office staff to assist the room attendant, responsible for the safety of tenants and maintain good order and prevent fire, civil and criminal cases by patrol. When these emergencies happen, security personnel need to prevent the occurrence of such accidents more seriously, and properly evacuate other customers to prevent greater damage. After the incident, the first time to inform the relevant departments to support the prevention of greater harm.
In addition, the security office staff also need to need to focus on the protection of the guests, such as stars, government officials, celebrities and other business, to focus on security work, to ensure their personal safety.
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