In the face of armed criminals robbery and other damage, should be able to hide them, you can avoid obstacle. If you really can not dodge, should actively counterattack, use the following method for subdue criminals:
When a criminal is confronted with a short weapon (such as a dagger, a kitchen knife, etc.), it can not be taken easily to take it forward, but can not flush the body in front of the place, because the short weapon "is flexible and should not be far away", so it is necessary to keep a certain distance with the criminal, to look for the opportunity, to kick his wrist and seize the weapon. If the criminals face the face of the dagger, they can quickly step back and dodge, at the same time, lift the leg to kick the ribs, or cross the body with both hands, and take the opportunity to lift the knee to hit its crotch and take off its dagger.

When a gangster is close to himself, if he searches and lies down, he can take the opportunity to kill his weapon in his waist, and he will take the initiative to win the battle and control the lethal weapon before the murderer does not take it out.
When a gangster pulls out a lethal weapon, he should avoid damaging it, and use it to fight against other joints and key parts skillfully by kicking, beating and throwing.
In the combat, we should make full use of the terrain of the time, take the means of defending the body and taking the weapon, such as the bricks on the ground, the tiles to hit each other, the clay, the gravel and the other eyes, and the body's belt, coat, and fruit knife.
Faced with a vicious gangster, he thought he could not resist, but he would quickly escape from the scene. But he should run sideways and back to prevent it from attacking. If the gangsters are fast catching up, they can fall back to the ground, bend their legs and stop kicking alternately, which can make it difficult for the criminal to assassination and kicking the dagger in his hand.
If possible, no matter what way to take, we must look for opportunities to alarm.
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