Physical health refers to being in a non - disease state. The puppies' nose is wet and cool, body temperature, respiration and heart function are normal. There can be no symptoms of fever, cough, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhoea, diarrhoea, diarrhoea, nasal mirror, and thick feet. Otherwise, in a non healthy state, the puppies may be in the incubation period of infectious diseases, and vaccination will cause disease.

Puppies in a new environment, such as cars, especially in summer, or in complex veterinary hospitals, the temperature rises slightly. In general, the body temperature of the puppy is about 38.5 degrees C. Before taking the vaccine to the animal hospital, the temperature of the dog is measured at home and the thermometer is sandwiched on the 5min of the inside of the leg. It can know the true value of the body temperature of the puppy. It can prevent the body from taking the car to the animal hospital because the body temperature is over 39, and the veterinary doctors do not agree to vaccinate.
Some experienced dog owners, because of the experience of having a young dog died of infectious diseases, after the purchase of puppies, the puppies were first injected into the puppies, two couplet serums (canine plague + canine parvovirus antibodies) or McAbs of canine plague sera and canine parvovirus (McAb). After 3 weeks, the puppies were vaccinated for puppies. This is advisable, but it is advisable. Note that after injection of serum (antibody), the vaccine should be vaccinated for 20 days (Kang Yuan). Otherwise, too short a time will cause antigen (vaccine), antibody (serum) reaction, so that the vaccine does not work.