First, business bodyguards. Business bodyguards are not more than 175 cm tall at the lowest. They should be familiar with Chinese laws and regulations, business etiquette, medical knowledge and so on. They should be able to deal with dangerous situations in a hurry and take advantage of enemies. In addition, some business bodyguards in addition to the protection of personnel safety, and car driving and other work.
Next is the operational bodyguard. Such bodyguards are more demanding because they involve dangerous operations. Therefore, we should be familiar with locomotive driving, flexible use of weapons and advanced systems; in addition, such as some landing, blasting, penetration reconnaissance, obstacle handling and other things that do not normally come into contact, but also to understand, in case of occasional need.
Secondly, it is darker darts. This means not to appear on the bright side, that is, not close to the customer to protect, but to hide the protection, only when the customer is in trouble. When the problem is solved, go back to the dark immediately, do not affect the life and work of customers, this type of staff on the technical content of higher requirements.

The hottest is the temporary bodyguard. This kind of bodyguard is more common, generally held an important conference, concert, etc., as are temporary activities, so will temporarily hire a certain number of bodyguards in Shanghai bodyguard company. After the end of the activity, the labor relations were relieved.
In short, there are many types of bodyguards, not only those introduced by Xiaobian. You can choose the right type of bodyguard according to your actual situation. However, it is better to find a formal private bodyguard company to hire bodyguards, so that not only can choose high-quality bodyguards, but also have security!
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