Women's characteristics, gentle and careful, are more suitable for personal protection.
In life, people are more willing to communicate with people who seem to be good communicates. If a client has a cool, cool-looking bodyguard who looks expressionless, he or she probably hasn't started talking yet, there's already a sense of conflict inside. But the bodyguard is different from other professions, it needs to have a deep understanding of the customer, in order to serve better. Moreover, many dangers are premonition, but people often do not find them. If you can understand what the customer is thinking, you can analyze the right thing in advance, which will occupy a favorable position in the activities, easier to find potential dangers, to avoid late damage. And the female bodyguard at some time, basically is a housekeeper's responsibility, women's delicate mind, it is easy to find the needs of customers, in the customer has not yet spoken out, all things have been arranged properly, more customers love.
Female bodyguards are more likely to be camouflaged, suitable for various occasions and customers.

If the client is an elderly or female, they would prefer their private bodyguard to be a woman, so that whatever they do will be more convenient and comfortable. Especially female clients, if the private bodyguard is a man, some things will not be very convenient to deal with, and even if the customer has any requirements, it is not convenient to put forward. And for most customers, they need private bodyguards to accompany them to attend a lot of activities, in some activities, the presence of male bodyguards will be more abrupt. For example, to attend a party together, this time if it is a female bodyguard, can disguise very well, so that others can not see the other party is a bodyguard, will not destroy the atmosphere of the party, to ensure the safety of customers.
Women's intuition is very accurate and can well predict danger.
Every woman born is Holmes, which shows that women's intuition is usually very accurate. They can feel about the place in any environment, place or situation, and that feeling can help them to predict security risks. But it's not that they can perform tasks by forecasting, it's just that this ability can help them to identify potential hazards, prepare well in advance, and have an advantage in ensuring that customers can leave the danger scene safely and smoothly.
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