I. Cause Analysis
1. For a long time, security guards have developed a free and irresponsible style of work; they have developed a bad thinking of ignoring the rules and acting on their own. The bad habits of this kind of work and unhealthy thinking exist, leaving the post and sleeping in the post are inevitable consequences.
2. The thinking of security guards who do not study or perfunctory study for a long time is bound to constitute a lack of learning and education. They do not want to be enterprising, pass by, have no sense of security, lack of sense of crisis and sense of responsibility.
3. Team leader lacks management and does not foster the spirit of collectivism of unity, hard work and ambition; there exists a free and scattered style of work, which can be muddled through; he dares not fight against evil spirits, but does not suppress evil spirits.
4. Security guards have no reverence for safety. They live in indifferent mood and do not know the serious consequences of potential safety hazards.

2. Recognition of Liability
The security guards who leave their posts and sleep on duty violate the security operation rules severely and are directly responsible for the formation of unattended posts. They should bear direct responsibility.
III. Dealing with Resolutions
The leaders of the security company decided that the occurrence of such incidents is by no means occasional, with certain certainty, and will have serious consequences in the long run. It is necessary to deal with the responsible person seriously in accordance with the relevant management regulations and never condone accommodation.
The resolution is as follows: security employees violate the "Security Operations Articles" and give administrative sanctions; those who cause incidents are exempted from labor contracts. Administrative sanctions should be imposed on those who are directly responsible for leaving their posts or sleeping posts, and administrative warning should be given at the least. In view of the positive repentance, correct mood and clear knowledge of the person responsible, there is no serious consequence, only a huge potential danger, giving the person directly responsible the opportunity to correct his mistake. Resolutions should be lighter on those directly responsible, so as to achieve the purpose of warning and prevent the recurrence of such incidents.
"During the operation period, they do not strictly abide by the labor discipline of the enterprise, and are late, early retired, on-duty, sleeping-in and leaving their posts without authorization. They deal with private matters unrelated to the operation and affect the operators. They shall be ordered to improve their treatment and shall be penalized for one month with various bonuses." Give notice and criticism.
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