1. The external public security environment is severe
Some enterprises, especially large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, produce products and equipment that are increasingly becoming the first principle for criminals to attack. A small amount of social miscellaneous personnel and some units are aiming at the enterprise, stealing and damaging the products and equipment of the enterprises, which have a severe impact on the normal production of enterprises. For these unlawful "three small points", some local governments are not only revoking, even as the local pillar enterprises to maintain, the serious infringement of the interests of the state.
2. Increasing internal security problems

In the transition period of market economy, various interest links have not been straightened out, and various safeguards have not been able to keep up with the needs of the situation. Enterprise demand reduction and increase efficiency, demand change and innovation, will directly or indirectly touch the vital interests of some employees; part of the enterprise due to production difficulties, long arrears of workers' wages, the formation of petitions, demonstrations. Idle work, the impact of office buildings, retaliation of leadership and other things happen; leading cadres of the business sector decay, lead, leading cadres The masses are strongly dissatisfied, forming tension between cadres and masses and causing trouble at any time. The existence of these oppositions and problems has a great impact on the local social order, and also a great loss to the enterprises themselves.
3, public security operations are not compatible with the situation at that time.
The first is that the scale is not clear and the connection is not smooth; the two is that the quality of the security guards is not high and the operation is not thick; the three is that the leadership of the party and government of the enterprise does not pay much attention to the security of the public security operations; and the four is less investment in the protection of the public security.
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