At present, most private bodyguards are provided by private reconnaissance offices or personal care centers. Among them, there were retired officers and soldiers of special forces, boxers, judo masters, and fighting kings, usually between 25 and 40 years old, and these private bodyguards looked hard, muscular, daunting and deterring.
In this profession, the objects of service are generally political power and social celebrities, as well as some entertainers' star entertainers. Every day private bodyguards will travel with their employers on various occasions to protect their personal and personal safety, ensure their successful completion of their work, deal with the conditions of departure and avoid any loss and danger to the employer. For example, especially famous stars, they are often harassed by rogue and madman adoration, and the protection of private bodyguards can avoid the adverse effects of these conditions.

The protection of private bodyguards is quite clear. The scope of shielding is relatively large, and the purpose is to protect the safety of the employer or employer's family and to ensure the safety of his employer's property. A qualified private bodyguard must have a strong sense of justice and responsibility. When performing tasks, they can stand up and help each other when they are in danger. In terms of remuneration, private bodyguards pay well and their treatment is good. If you meet a Wealthy Employer, private bodyguards can live in advanced suites and enjoy delicious food, as employers travel around the country. However, private bodyguards, no matter how high they enjoy, can not forget their own responsibilities. They can not be used to the high bed soft pillow, delicacy and delicacy.
Moreover, those engaged in private bodyguards must have strong legal awareness. Every private bodyguard must memorize Chinese laws and regulations and must not step on the red line of law. Everything we do and everything we say is strictly observed by laws and regulations. Finally, as a private bodyguard, we must be loyal to the Lord and be ready to sacrifice for the sake of our mission. We must not run away from danger in order to save lives at critical juncture.