First of all, the professional bodyguard profession is characterized by its risks, the tasks faced are arduous and the situation is more complicated, so its responsibilities are quite significant. Bodyguards should not only fight against criminal offences, but also deal with natural disasters, public security emergencies, public security cases and so on. At the same time, they have to protect the life and property safety of employers and employers. Especially in some important occasions, we may encounter emergencies and various complicated and difficult problems at any time. Therefore, if we do not have the corresponding qualities, it will be very difficult for us to do the job well. The quality of bodyguards directly affects the quality of service and relates to the reputation of bodyguards.
Foreign security institutions also attach great importance to the improvement of the quality of the bodyguard. They have a strict system for the training of the bodyguards, which require the players to be brave, stubborn and sacrificed, and even act as "human shields". When someone shoots at a guard, the player must use his life as a conditioned reflex to protect the safety of his escort.

Secondly, the technical precautions of the bodyguard employees, looking at the actual cases of information leakage at home and abroad, the telephone being heard without reason, personal privacy exposure, and the installation of explosives in the car, we can imagine the importance of technology prevention and the importance of technical guard for the professional bodyguard.
It is normal for a business owner or client to have a safety problem without a professional bodyguard, because the general person's awareness of safety is very poor; but if there are professional bodyguards, our professional bodyguards let customers suffer economic or property damage because they do not have technical skills. Loss or personal safety is a threat to our professional bodyguards. This is not what our customers see.
So no matter what the customer is driving out? No matter the customer Check Inn Hotel? Or business meetings can not leave the scope of technical prevention, as a professional bodyguard personnel how to use modern high-tech products to effectively put the customer's risk factor to the minimum? First, we must have a comprehensive understanding of the performance of the professional equipment; second, the ability to operate skillfully; the third, and the most important point, is to rely on the rich security experience and the super security awareness.