報告的法式和方式 保安職員在供給保安辦事進程中,要按照任務中的現實環境,當令地向保安公司和辦事單元帶領停止報告。報告要以詳細的現實、環境和切當的數據作為報告請示的首要內容。
Reporting procedures and methods Security personnel in the process of providing security services, according to the actual situation in the work, timely report to the security company and service unit leadership. The report should take the specific facts, circumstances and exact data as the main contents of the report.
(一)報告的規模 保安職員在任務進程中遇有龐雜環境、發明隱患和嚴重事變時,就應實時報告。另外,在某項任務停止到必然階段后,也必須向帶領停止任務報告。 1、龐雜環境報告 保安員在執勤進程中,若是碰到以下環境,要實時地向保安公司和辦事單元下級帶領或公安構造等有關部分報告:一是環境龐雜難以展望局勢成長效果的;二是執勤氣力、經歷、裝備等前提限定,不能實時有用地節制局勢成長的;
(1) When security personnel encounter complicated situations, hidden dangers and important matters in the course of their work, they shall report them promptly. In addition, after a certain stage of work is carried out, a report must be made to the leader. 1. If a security guard encounters the following situations in the course of his or her duty, he or she shall promptly report to the security company and the superior leadership of the service unit or to the relevant departments such as the public security organ. First, the situation is complex and difficult to predict the consequences of the development of the situation; second, the constraints of his or her duty, experience, equipment and other conditions can not be timely. Effective control of developments;
The three is unexpected incidents.
2、隱患報告 發明隱患是對保安員的根基請求,每個保安員都應當可以或許發明本身辦事東西存在的寧靜隱患。保安員發明寧靜隱患,除可以或許停止就地消弭外,要實時、詳細、精確地向保安公司和辦事單元下級帶領報告。

2. Hidden danger report discovery is the basic requirement for security guards, each security guard should be able to find their own service object security risks. The security guards should report to the superior leaders of security companies and service units promptly, concretely and accurately, in addition to eliminating the hidden dangers on the spot.
3、 嚴重事變報告 在保安辦事的全部進程中,一些嚴重的事變是必須報告的,比方各類寧靜保衛的計劃、寧靜辦理軌制、寧靜提防舉措措施的采辦、裝置、利用、毛病環境、裝備裝備的采辦、裝置、利用、毛病環境等。
3. During the whole process of security service, some important events must be reported, such as various security schemes, safety management systems, purchase, installation, use of security facilities, failure, equipment purchase, installation, use, failure and so on.
4、任務報告 任務報告是在某項任務停止必然階段后,必須向下級帶領所停止的報告。
4. The work report is a report that must be made to the higher leadership after a certain stage of work.
(two) procedures for reporting
1、書面情勢報告 書面情勢的報告方式是必須報告的事變和環境經由過程書面情勢向保安公司和辦事單元下級帶領報告請示,使帶領可以或許詳實地領會辦事地區環境的報告方式。 2、行動情勢報告 行動情勢報告方式是把必須報告的事變和環境經由過程行動的情勢向下級帶領報告請示,使帶領可以或許近海華東區和職員產生的告急環境及根基概略的報告方式。 3、德律風情勢報告 德律風情勢的報告方式是經由過程通信東西向下級帶領停止行動報告的方式,是行動情勢的報告方式之一。
1. Written reporting is the reporting method that must be reported to the superior leaders of security companies and service units in written form, so that the leaders can have a detailed understanding of the service area. 2. Oral reporting is a reporting method that reports the matters and situations that must be reported orally to the higher-level leaders so that the leaders can report the emergencies and basic situation of personnel in the East China Sea. 3. Telephone report is an oral report to the superiors by means of communication. It is one of the oral reports.
二、報警的法式和方式 報警是在國民危難、告急環境下向公安構造報告或收回告急旌旗燈號的行動,保安員作為寧靜提防任務者,必須把握報警的規模、法式、方式和方法,在危難和告急環境下能力實時、精確地報警。
2. The procedure and method of alarming is to report or send an emergency signal to the public security organ in case of a citizen's distress or emergency. Security guards, as security guards, must grasp the scope, procedure, method and essentials of alarming, so that they can alarm timely and accurately in a critical and emergency situation.
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