First, to strengthen the humanized management, security as an enterprise and one of the more critical groups in the public sphere, it plays a very important role. As security pay is relatively low, so we should strengthen the humanized management measures, as far as possible do not take the form of fines.
Secondly, Suzhou Security Company should communicate with the security personnel of various enterprises regularly, understand the problems they encounter in their work, and timely and effective assistance to the security personnel to solve the problem.
Third, the so-called have a good mood, then work very efficiently, the relevant enterprises or security agencies should not be aware of the basic situation of the security family, if found that there are difficulties, can take effective solutions.

Fourth, try to reduce the mobility of the security team, to know that the same team can bring staff as well as business, related personnel a sense of security. In addition, the same team is more conducive to unified training, learning, each security personnel will be in such a learning process, progress and growth together.
Fifth, while strengthening the concern of security personnel, we should also face up to their status in the enterprise and community, so that each security personnel can find their own sense of belonging.
Sixth, even in-service security personnel, should participate in a comprehensive training course regularly to enhance their basic skills and common sense and other issues. Actively understand the specific circumstances of the community and the company, and master the time of each charge.
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