1. Security company introduction, carefully abide by the company's rules and regulations, on time to work, not late and early to leave, adhere to the post, abide by command; civilized service, courtesy, try to provide good service for the owners.


2. Observe orders strictly, obey orders, dress neatly and energetically, be on duty at designated positions, and perform security duties according to rules.


3. carefully do the duty record and strictly implement the shift rules.


4. Understand the status of the stationed company, master the working environment and equipment, and observe and implement the rules and regulations when on duty, so as to protect the normal operation order of the factory and the industrial safety of the factory buildings and offices in the area under control.


5. careful duty and record of duty. Proper use of security equipment and duty supplies. Hand over on time, not late and leave early, not off guard, not on duty to sleep and take a nap, not on duty to read books and newspapers, chat, play cards, play chess, meet visitors; do not have nothing to do with homework, not absent from work without reason.


6. The security company stated that it adhered to civilized on duty, dressed according to the rules, dressed neatly, treated people with courtesy, not rude, not rude, not dog fighting posture, prohibited scolding, insulting others. You must not drink when you are on duty and on duty. No smoking in public places. Gambling is forbidden, honest and upright, and on duty. It is forbidden to obtain assets from workers or visitors in factories. It is forbidden to engage in malpractices for personal gains and to transfer or use the vehicles, equipment and articles of daily use stored by the staff and workers within the scope of their security duties.


7., adhere to the main thrust of service and implement preventive measures. We must stick to our work posts and be vigilant to prevent criminals from engaging in damage activities. Be responsible for fire prevention, burglar prevention and damage prevention. When finding out the unsafe factors, we should find out the cause immediately, clean up the dangerous situation quickly and state it to the superior in time. We should understand the emergency measures when the fire and bandit police break out, understand some common sense of rescue, break out the urgent situation, and adopt the correct measures in time.



8. strictly enforce the verification criteria to prevent unauthorized personnel, articles and vehicles from entering and leaving the factory. Protect the order in the factory, do a good job of inspection, check and escort. Prevention of criminal cases and public order disasters in factories.


9. Security companies discuss the implementation of uninterrupted patrol, duty mission in the factory area, 24 hours a day to monitor the security situation, find abnormal conditions, timely inquiry, processing or statement of the public security department.


These are the duties of the security guard position of the security company. More interesting information is requested: