The so-called "crisis" refers to unexpected unexpected events or problems. The proper handling of such incidents is often related to the organization's reputation, image, survival and development. Therefore, how to predict and deal with crisis events has become an important part of public relations activities.
General procedures for handling crisis events
1. Set up specialized organizations dealing with crisis events.
When a crisis occurs, the company should first set up a special organization headed by the top leadership, specifically responsible by the head of the public relations department, with the participation of public relations personnel, relevant technical personnel and other personnel, and devote all efforts to the handling of the crisis.
2. Investigate and judge crisis events.
(1) Identify the nature and status of the event: the type, time, place and cause of the event, and judge whether it has been controlled or is still developing.

(2) Identify the consequences and impacts of the incident: the loss of equipment, the value and extent of other damage, and the social impact of these consequences.
(3) To identify the public objects involved in the incident: the public objects directly or indirectly injured, the companies or individuals with direct or indirect liability and interest in the event itself, special attention should be paid to maintaining contact with the witnesses of the incident and carefully handling the relationship with the press.
3, formulate specific countermeasures to deal with the crisis.
(1) take the lead in recognition of problems, conscientiously understand the course of affairs and take the responsibility earnestly and realistically.
(2) To report the truth of the incident to the higher authorities in a timely manner, regularly report the progress of the situation, and obtain the guidance and support of the higher authorities.
(3) unify the caliber of the press, pay attention to the wording, and publish as far as possible in the form of the most beneficial to the company.
(4) to express a cooperative, active and confident attitude towards the press, and to inform the progress of the matter in time.
(5) from the perspective of customers, we will announce the compensation methods and standards and implement them as soon as possible.
(6) maintain necessary contact with customers.
(7) In addition to news reports, apologies can be issued in newspapers and magazines that publish news about events, and the public can be informed of the facts, apologize to the public concerned and assume corresponding responsibilities.
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