I. Basing on the Essence of Basic Service
Manpower prevention is the most fundamental and universal service in security service. More than 20 years ago, the security service of star guarding social needs was only the "gatekeeper" service. With the continuous promotion of reform and opening up, new social problems and uncertainties intertwined with the existing social problems, which increased the risk of social system, presented many new situations and trends, and new demands and expectations for security service from all walks of life. Continuously add. Therefore, in basic security services, it is necessary to develop from a single form to a variety of forms, that is, from stationed to guardian, patrol, guard, mobile and other forms of divergence, but also from labor services to intelligent services.
2. Constructing a Fine Management System
World-renowned security companies rank first with high degree of specialization. They usually introduce scientific management and high-tech into security affairs, and combine with their flexible and changeable working methods, greatly improve the safety factor, thus winning the widespread trust of society. China's security service industry can learn from the successful experience of foreign security industry, according to the requirements of modern enterprise system, form a large security group company through resource integration, build a fine management system with central competitiveness, and set up a professional management team talent pool.

III. Deployment of Diversified Business Strategy
Diversification is a stimulant and a strong heart in the process of the development and growth of security enterprises. It not only promotes the upgrading of security enterprises, but also lays a solid foundation for the security enterprises to become bigger and stronger. The world experience also proves that diversification is the general trend of security service industry. Throughout the course of development of security companies in western developed countries, it has become a common phenomenon to continuously expand their business scope. On the one hand, many new affairs are emerging to meet the special needs of customers. On the other hand, security companies are gradually expanding to cross-industry to provide integrated services for customers. It can be said that diversification not only gives security enterprises a shortcut to gain competitive advantage, but also gives customers multi-level needs to meet.
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